Brief:  Create an Out of Box Experience that encourages behavior change.

Approach:  I focused on creating an engaging and playful way to motivate people in working out, thus creating an end to end experience. I wanted to create something that will nudge them into the right direction by designing something that will not feel like work. I had to go through the double diamond design process to understand and find a solution to the problem. From interviews, collecting data/insights, ideation, prototyping, and final deliverables.   

    Learnings: Design Research, Storyboarding, Product Design, Behavioral Design, Video Production, Systems Thinking, User Experience. 

    Project length: 4 weeks 



    • Physical materials that constitute the envisioned experience, manifesting in a high-fidelity prototype that looks and feels like a finished product.
    • An on-screen prototype that navigates users through an out-of-box-experience narrative.
    • A short video between 60-120 seconds that documents the final envisioned experience and how it facilitates desired behavior change. This will serve as a stand-alone communication of the value of the design

    What is it? 

    Sometimes it is hard for an individual to find motivation to work out. Animal is a watch and mobile application that helps encourage behavioral changes in working out by having features such as leveling up your character, buddying up with people near your location, having a support message system, and creating a leader board. I generated these concept ideas from my insights by interviewing 5 people and doing secondary research.



    Artboard Copy.png

    I conducted qualitative interviews with 5 people from people who work outs everyday to people who don't work out at all. I asked them questions about their experience with working out, and what kinds of things motivate or push them to go work out. I synthesized the data through affinity mapping and found that the major pain points interviewees had was that most of them felt that having a support system helps a lots. 

    Key Insights and Opportunities :

    #1 Key Insights :

    • Working out alone can be boring and not motivating at times
    • Having a set goal is important for people to continue.
    • Having someone there for you can help nudge you to work out. 
    • There is a lack of motivation to continue because people are clueless on what to do at the gym. 

    Opportunity: How might we create features that give people motivation to continually work out? 

    #2 Key Insights :

    • Tracking your workout on your phone can be distracting.
    • People tend to stare at you when you use a physical journal
    • Your time should be spent doing the workouts not recording it.
    • People don’t want to find a new app or develop a new system every time they want to do a different style work out. 

    Opportunity: How might we prevent workout distractions with quick and convenient versatile devices or services? 



    system mapping

    I created this flow chart map to have a better understanding how the system of the application will work and how each screen will flow from one place to another. 



    level up your character

    Level up your character while leveling up yourself in real life. You can select different types of animals depending on your preference. As you gain more points from doing challenges and work outs, your character will gradually change over time. 


    Buddy Up

    Nobody to work out with? Find a buddy near your location to work out or do a live challenge with someone who is already connected to the application.     

    Artboard Copy 26.png

    Support message system

    Have the support system from your friends and people you just met while working out together. 



    View your work out statistic of how you are doing and see how you rank against everyone else from your friends to global.