Brief: Create a brand identity by using consistent visual language and showcase this in an app and watch.  

Team Members: Solo

Length: 7 weeks

Learnings: Prototyping, Branding, User Experience, User Interface Design, App/ Web Flow, Wireframing, Systems Thinking, Story Telling

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Sketch, Marvel, Keynote 



Co-Pilot by Schwinn Bikes is a biking application that allows cycle enthusiasts to have an engaging experience while competing with others and exploring new terrains. Cyclists will have a way to track their bike rides, view different bike locations and see how they compare with other users while earning badges.





I mapped out a personality map to have a better understanding of how I want the appearance of the brand to visually look like. This influenced the overall persona of the brand and the types of users I am trying to cater to. By creating a personality of "Dominant" and "Friendly" I want to create a brand that is fun, exciting and challenging. 



Mood Board and Style Tile

I created mood board and style tile to help establish all of the baselines that will eventually go into my work. 



I mapped out the overall biking experience to have a better understanding of what the user would go through. 




I created a mobile app flow to better understand how people will navigate through the mobile app and how I will design my UI screens process.  



mobile sketches/wireframes

I went through the process of sketching to wireframes in order to design my mobile app concept from low to high fidelity. 



interactive screens

I created interactive screens in Keynote for Explore and Challenges section. From these interactive screen, I created prototypes using Marvel to user test how the mobile app will work.  



    1. Co-Pilot Register User:
    2. Co-Pilot First Time:

    watch Interface

    I mapped out features for the apple watch based on preliminarily sketches. Since the Apple Watch screen is so small, I focused on simple interactions rather than interactions based on clicking through different features. 


    What I Learned

    This project was a valuable addition to my skill set. I became familiar with design language and understood how to give a brand a voice. I also learned about how to communicate with design hierarchy and realized the importance of knowing the orientation of the brand within its competitor landscape.