Learnings:  Exploration, Visual Designs, Product Design, Systems Thinking, Prototyping, User Testing. 

Project length: 2 weeks 



Brief: Design a board game about a corrupt system.

Approach: As players play the game, I wanted players to step into the shoes of an everyday trader and understand that people can gain a lot of money, but there are also consequences within the system. In this game, I wanted players to understand that many people will cheat and lie their way out of the system in order to gain more money for selfish reasons, such as a Ponzi scheme, and insider trading. 

2 x 2 Matrix

I created this 2 x 2 matrix to help me understand where I wanted to position my game at. By positioning my game toward goal and in between game and life, I wanted players to be able to challenge one another with different types strategies in order to win, but also socialize with each as they play the game. 


Mind map

I did secondary research on Wall Street and I started to mind map the different types of possibilities that can happen within the system. From there I started to design the mechanics of the game that will cater to Wall Street. 

Play Testing 

I play tested my prototype with multiple players. From there I started to continue to do a cycle of play testing and iteration until the game ran smoothly on its own.